I am Martin

An experienced and well travelled videographer
from Miami. Whether on land, underwater or aerial
I have the skills needed to accomplish the task.

My Older Work

Watch my Demo Reel from Two Thousand and Fourteen. A collection of my best and favorite clips from last year. Enjoy!



For close to ten years, I have spent my life behind a camera with my eye in the viewfinder. I am not only versed in film and photography theory, but practice.


A certified PADI diver, I feel at home underwater with a camera in my hands. I am very familiar with underwater lighting and the dive housing systems.


They always say “the view is better from the top”. Well with aerial photography, the view doesn’t get much better. I have extensive¬†experience with quadcopters and drones.


I have been editing my own videos since the days of tape. Luckily those days are long gone. I am incredibly experienced with Adobe’s Creative Suite and Final Cut.